SeedFuture. A name with multiple meanings. When it’s heard it evokes the ability to see the future and when it’s written it proposes to sow knowledge for a growing future.

Seedfuture GROUP

We believe in
an ecosystem
of excellence.

The SeedFuture group draws on a robust Italian business heritage, infused with the distinctive Italian mindset, marked by a global outlook and presence. Comprising a range of companies, each reflects distinct skills and activities tailored to diverse regions of operation.

At the group’s helm, SeedFuture SRL, our holding company, orchestrates and oversees the operations of its subsidiaries. It fosters collaboration and operational effectiveness while actively contributing to shaping the group’s overarching strategy.

SeedFuture SRL oversees the activities:

  • of AgriBio and its international affiliates
  • of AgriTrade and Ener-Agri France.

AgriBio, a supplier of raw materials for food and livestock consumption (cereals and legumes), epitomises the concept of SeedFuture’s innovation, supply chain control, and transparency in the organic sector. Through its various corporate entities, it is active in Europe and West Africa, engaging in cultivation projects and ethical involvement with crops indigenous to the regions.

AgriTrade in Italy, in collaboration with Ener-Agri France for the transalpine market, represents leading companies in the expanding sectors of biogas and biomethane. Specifically, AgriTrade’s research has identified Silphie as a biomass that promotes the proliferation of beneficial insects for organic farming, reduces water waste through a deep root system, and absorbs significant amounts of CO2 through chlorophyll photosynthesis.

At the heart of the entire system, we find the SeedFuture corporate philosophy, aimed at achieving balance on the planet through harmony among people, animals, and the environment.

Our Brands

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