SeedFuture. A name with multiple meanings. When it’s heard it evokes the ability to see the future and when it’s written it proposes to sow knowledge for a growing future.


We look
at the Nature
no other.

SeedFuture Group relies on a solid business history with an Italian mind and an international vision and presence. The group is set up by a series of companies, which are the expression of specific skills and activities in the various areas of presence. To link the units of our ecosystem is the activity of AgriTrade in the field of renewable energy, support engine for the biogas sector, which is a producer of organic soil improvers for organic farming: AgriTrade’s research has also identified in Silphie a biomass alternative to corn that operates in the environmental ecosystem by favoring the multiplication of beneficial insects to our organic agriculture, reducing water waste thanks to a very deep root system and absorbing large quantities of CO2 through chlorophyll photosynthesis, to bring fertility to our soils. Like AgriTrade in Italy, so Ener-Agri France represents a company of reference in the world of biogas and biomethane for the market beyond the Alps, a sector in full development. Lastly, the brand Agribio, supplier of raw materials for food and feed consumption, best expresses our idea of ​​innovation, supply chain control and transparency in the organic sector and through its various branches is now present in Europe and West Africa, with cultivation projects and of ethical involvement with local crops.

At the heart of the entire system we find, of course, the Seedfuture corporate philosophy, aimed at balancing the planet through harmony between people, animals and the environment.

Our Brands

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